Going to Boston

Considered one of the most notable towns in the country, Boston is one of the most important cities in the country in terms of airport traffic because it has connections with different cities around the world as well as with numerous cities and town in the country. This makes it one of the easiest destinations to get to and if you plan to visit New England, Boston can be the perfect starting point for your holiday. While it can get frustrating finding a parking place in Boston, you can get around very easily by subway or by foot. You can also get around by bike or taxis and if this is the place you are going to go in day-trips around the region than you should know that there are 2 main bus stations and several bus lines that run all day and night long. Boston is a great vacation destination for people who like visiting parks and historical sites and also to try different international cuisines, have beer and watch a baseball game. In fact the city is so popular that it is always in the top ten lists of the most visited American cities.

Things to do while in Boston include, but are not limited to, walking, sightseeing, outdoor sports like boating, swimming, or cycling, indoor sports, going to a concert or a sport event, visiting a famous university campus or finding the best things to do and see in the city’s neighborhoods. Cambridge, the near by town, is most of the time included in Boston in terms of tourism. One of the reasons for including Cambridge in Boston is the fact that two of the world’s most famous universities, MIT and Harvard, are located there and if you ever make it to Boston you have to visit the campus of one of the two. Boston is also the home for several other world known universities like Boston University, Boston College, Berklee College of Music, Emerson College and Tufts University. Because there are more than 100 universities in Boston, the city is always packed with young people so the entertaining industry is very developed and covers the most demanding tastes.

Like any big city, not all the neighborhoods are safe to walk and drive around, but there are plenty of places to see and do in the safe ones. You can visit the Downtown, the Chinatown or the historic places from the Back Bay and Bay Village neighborhoods. You can visit some of the big museums from Boston like for example the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Harvard Art Museums, the MIT Museum, USS Constitution Museum or the Boston Children’s Museum. One of the biggest Boston attractions is the New England Aquarium that has whale watching tours available. There are also numerous galleries and places to shop all around Boston. Because of the big numbers of visitors and students, Boston has a series of big events throughout the year. A few of the most important ones are the St. Patrick’s Day, the Boston Marathon/Patriot’s Day which always takes place on the third Monday in April, the Boston Pride which takes place in June, the Feast of St. Anthony in August and the Head of the Charles Regatta in October.

If you are looking for something else to do except visiting museums and taking part at the big events, you have plenty of things to choose from. If you like nature you can visit the Arnold Arboretum, the Boston Harbor Islands State Park or the Boston Common and Public Garden. If you don’t mind walking you can take one of the available trails like for example the Freedom Trail and if you like being on the water you can take a cruise in the Harbor or towards on of the islands belonging to the Massachusetts state. For shopping and good food you can visit New bury Street, the Quincy Market and the Faneuil Hall or the Harvard Square and if you like beer you can take one of the available tours and visit the Sam Adams Brewery or the Harpoon brewery. Although a place where there is always something to do and see Boston can be considered quite expensive in terms of accommodation. A hotel room in Boston can range from $50 to more than $400 per night, but luckily you can always search for motels and hostels or bed and breakfasts and inns where you can find rooms or beds starting at $25 per night. Like in many other cities food can be cheap if served at fast foods or all you can eat buffets, but the good thing about it is that there is a great variety of places with low prices to choose from.